Total War: Three Kingdoms Fates Divided DLC

Update: The new DLC is Fates Divided, a “Chapter Pack” adding a new start date in 200 CE, as well as making various adjustments to most factions’ starting positions in 200 CE. There is a new faction in Liu Yan and later his son, Liu Zhang, as well as expanded mechanics surrounding the emperor, as well as Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s showdown.

It’s very cool stuff that certainly adds a lot of character to the mid-game of Three Kingdoms, which is where I felt the game was weakest. You can find the full announcement here, and the trailer below the original story.

Original story:

Well look at that! We just got an announcement for Total Warhammer 3 a few weeks ago, and CA is already teasing us with a new DLC for Three Kingdoms! I genuinely don’t have a clue what they could be teasing now, especially since they’ve already included the Nanman culture… perhaps a time extension either before or after the period? In any case, check the video below for the reveal, it’ll air at 3 PM GMT/ 10 AM EST.

-Jack Trumbull

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