Field of Glory 2: Medieval Storm of Arrows DLC Review

Agincourt fans rejoice! Field of Glory 2 Medieval has now unleashed its newest DLC upon us and I’m very pleased to say that the army lists and time periods covered in Storm of Arrows are some of the most fun and interesting armies to come out of the venerable engine. 


Storm of Arrows extends the time period of the game from the 1300s up to the mid- late 1400s for several of the big Western European army lists. You know the gang, England, France, Scotland, the four different Germanies available. The core of the game is the same, and these army lists are pretty recognizable to a player of the base game. 

However! Where once there were scant few knights, there are now more plentiful mounted men at arms, fully plated and perhaps the most terrifying unit to come across in open terrain. Where once there were defensive spearmen and maybe a heavy weapons unit or two, we now see dismounted men at arms, units of halberdiers and billhooks ready to annihilate any cavalry that test them on unfavorable ground. And of course, my dear longbow units. 

The longbow units are my personal favorite to come out of Storm of Arrows, as they represent the gradual shift from heavily armed and armored cavalry dominating the field to trained, ranged infantry being the star of the show. While knights and such are still the stars of the show, longbowmen are proficient at cutting through heavily armored enemy lines, and are proficient at fighting in melees to boot. Some of them can even plant stakes, granting themselves a small fortification to defend from and frustrating eager cavalry approaches. 

Supplementing my very fun bow boys are handgunners, which, to my knowledge, is the first time we’ve seen firearm- equipped infantry in the game. These units are essentially skirmishers, filling a similar role to slingers or light archers, but those handgunners, similarly to the longbows, punch big holes in enemy armor. Truly, a great equalizer. 

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that several of the army lists now possess serious artillery, either in the form of bombard-esque cannons or in smaller field guns. These pieces are slow to move and maneuver, but they have excellent range and can devastate enemy lines either on attack or defense. 


Storm of arrows brings the game into the late medieval era, and the way that battles are fought feels different than engagements with earlier armies. Many armies now have more varied or at least more plentiful ranged options, and the now relatively common artillery makes the old “walk at the enemy in a straight line” tactic less viable. This isn’t a change in game mechanics per se, but it’s very interesting seeing the system, the AI, and human opponents react to these more modern armies. If you’ve enjoyed Field of Glory 2: Medieval, you will get a kick out of this DLC.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

-Jack Trumbull

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