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Meeting the Members of Let’s Talk About Wargames

Joe Fonseca is a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Calgary and Freelance Games Journalist. His main focus has always been the military history of modern East Asia. He also likes talking about games and their application in education. He rambles a lot.

You can find Joe’s ramblings @JoeFonsecahist on Twitter or check out his work and commissions at JoeFonsecaWriting.ca.

Jack Trumbull is a Freelance Games Journalist. He majored in Political Science at George Mason University and is the resident medieval military expert.

You can find Jack’s musings on jazz and more @Jack_Trumbull on Twitter

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about content that appears on the website or in the blog feel free to email us at letstalkaboutwargames@gmail.com. This email can also be used for business inquiries as we are open to playing new wargames on Twitch.tv and reviewing wargames on our blog. Or, feel free to use the form below.