Combat Mission: Cold War Reveal

A brand new Combat Mission has just appeared over the horizon, this time bringing the action to a hypothetical Cold War gone hot.

Set between 1979-1982, Combat Mission Cold War sees both NATO and Warsaw Pact militaries battling it out across the Fulda Gap in Western Germany. With 15 scenarios and three campaigns with an eye to more content down the road, this feels like quite the new entry.

The campaigns even include a full campaign covering the National Training Center in the Californian Mojave Desert in 1982. This puts you in command of a US Army Company Team as it begins to transition towards Airland Battle Doctrine and simulates battles against hypothetical soviet forces. Having a full campaign based around training is totally unique, but if anyone could make it interesting with their attention to detail it’s Combat Mission.

The other two campaigns simulate platoon to battalion sized battles in West Germany from both a NATO and Warsaw Pact perspective, and promise interesting engagements based on the types of missions both sides were training for during the period.

“For the old-timers who served during the Cold War it would be gratifying to actually play out many of the scenarios that were conjectured and trained for during the late seventies to the early eighties, or to re-fight battles at the National Training Center (NTC). Combat Mission Cold War provides those old-timers, and any others that are interested, the opportunity to do just that.”

With Combat Mission’s usual attention to detail, this is going to be a fascinating addition to watch out for. Cold War includes highly detailed, historically accurate organizations, equipment, and modeling of weapons. There will be a full suite of period military vehicles including M48, M60 series of tanks, M150 TOW, M1 (105), T64, and T80. In the air keep an eye out for iconic aircraft like the US F-4 Phantom and A-7 Corsair, the venerable A-10 Warthog, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, and AH-1 Cobra gunships. The Soviets bring with them their service workhorses, the infamous Mig-23/27, the Su-17, the rare but powerful Su-25 Frogfoot, and the well-known Mi-24 series gunship, including the first “Hind A” version and the famous “Hind D.”

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Combat Mission Cold War turns out!

Be sure to check out Slitherine’s livestream TODAY: Tuesday February 16th at Noon EST

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