Field of Glory 2 Medieval/ Field of Glory 2 Crossover Update

Field of Glory 2 Medieval is making my nerdiest dreams come true. A new update has added army lists from Field of Glory 2 to the game, now letting wargamers pit Norman knights against Roman legions, Welsh longbowmen against Achaemenid immortals, and Irish barbarians against…. earlier… Irish barbarians.

It’s great fun! We haven’t had too much time to check this out so far, but it is very cool. I’m currently enjoying a match as the Romans against the Normans, and the 1000 year time difference doesn’t seem to stop me from kicking their ass a bit. To play with the army mix, in a custom battle, select the “Time Warp” module to bring up the new (old) army lists. Happy wargaming!

-Jack Trumbull

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